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This is an automatic bot that randomly generates posts, this is not an interactive bot (not yet, at least) so you can’t send request to have a specific outcome I started from the map linked below, so I didn’t decide who owns any disputed area and I’m not going to change it. This is a game and those areas are probably going to get conquered by someone else anyway, so don’t take it bad.

Every country is considered a sovereign territory, so countries like Greenland and New Caledonia are free. The only exception I’m aware of is French Guyana because it’s part of the same shape in the map and I didn’t realize that at first. I’ll change it for the next run.
It chooses one random “territory”, calculates its centroid (average position of all the points in the figure) and then searches the closest centroid from territories not controlled by the same sovereign country. This mean that the chances of a country to be chosen as attacker are equal to the number of territories it controls. At the moment distance calculation is bugged and caused crazy thing like Antarctica conquering Russia. I already have a solution for that but I let the people choose and decided to keep the bugged version for this run. It will be fixed in the next one.