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  1. WWbot 2020 second run: 
    • Changing map to have all existing countries
    • improving visuals a bit
    • Changing conquest method to a mix of actual bordering countries and centroids when they have sea access
    • remove the portals bug
    • Give priority to reconquering homeland if lost
    • Considering a small chance (and maybe only one or two per run and after some iterations) to free a conquered country
  2. WWbot ∞ version:
    • a different page with a more complex version of the bot that will probably go on forever
    • it will use a detailed map with countries subdivided into regions (something like Europa Universalis IV) 
    • different interactions between countries other the being conquered
    • random decisions where people can interact and choose what happens
  3. WWbot fantasy version:
    • something similar to the ∞ version but on a smaller scale and with a map from a fantasy world (and hopefully more than one world, maybe on different pages)
    • new actions related to the world setting
  4. WWbot single countries:       
    • Potentially, most countries could get their own wwbot with a map of second/first level administrations, depending on their complexity. Of course I can’t make any single one of them, but I could consider collaborating with someone over time to make this possible.
  5. WWbot stats:
    • more stats and details like leaderboard and such
    • probably on a different page and/or website